Body Contouring

Ultrasonic Cavitaiton Liposuction is one of the most effective high-tech, non-surgical lipo cellulite treatment.


The Full Session

The Cavitation Wand uses ultrasound, microvibrate the fat cells in high frequency, which produces numerous vacuum air pockets This cavitation effect, allows fat to seep through the cell membrane, freeing it to be processed out of the body in the urine or used as energy and shrinking each cell.

We then use a Vacuum Wand uses suction as well as LLL and microcurrent to move the leaked fat away from the area, toward the lymph nodes to help the your body process it out faster and distrupting the fascia, which reduces cellulite

Next, we tighten your skin using the Radio Frequency Wand. The poles on the rf wand create electrical arcs beneath the skin to catalyze the production of collagen and elastin.


RF also aids in deeper product penetration as well. Ask about adding a cellulite or peptide treatment to this phase for even better results!


The 3 Magic Wands 

  • Lipo Cavitation - disruption of the fat layer

  • Vacuum - moves fat away from the area


  • RF Skin Tightening - we can't change gravity but we can change your skin!

This is a perfect treatment for those of us who have stubborn areas of fat, have a c-section scar that isn't as clean looking as we would like, flabby arms, a double -chin, a large back, larger than you'd like thighs or rear end, a big belly, etc.  We suggest concentrating on one area at a time and waiting a month to start the next area.

Choose from these areas: 






Face & Neck

Try a Single Session - $60 per area

Series of 3 or more - $50 per area

Perfect One Month Treatment Plan (per Area)

2 visits per week - no sooner than 72 hours apart

Maintain with 1 session per month

Maybe your schedule will only allow a weekly visit? You can still acheive great results.

By Appointment Only

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